Riverbend Correctional Facility

Milledgeville, Georgia

For the fast-tracked Riverbend Correctional Facility, Karen Sicner worked with the client and contractor to deliver full design and construction for a new, level four medium security correctional facility within 12 months. First, the team capitalized on the design-build model by using Building Information Modeling to better visualize the overall design solution and by specifying the use of a pre-cast exterior shell. But the site, which included underground streams, wetlands, cemetery plots and a lack of water service, posed unique challenges to project delivery. The firm was able to overcome these environmental and utility challenges by coordinating closely with the engineer team to provide a proper foundation for the facility. By adding a water tower, the team was able to provide adequate water pressure required to complete the project, which was a recipient of the 2012 Design-Build Institute of America Honor Award.