Primerica International Headquarters

Duluth, Georgia

With 90,000 worldwide employees, Primerica is one of the largest employers in the state of Georgia. When the company outgrew its multiple building space, Primerica hired Wakefield Beasley and WB Interiors to design a new international headquarters that would consolidate business functions in 10 buildings into one three-story, 360,000 square foot building with two connected wings. The firm was challenged to create a headquarters campus with simple design choices respective of the strict budget. While the interior spaces were been programmed, Wakefield Beasley explored design options for four different sites to help the client choose the most appropriate location. The firm chose tilt-up concrete for the project located on a 31-acre site within the 120-acre Legacy Office Park development. The firm produced construction drawings on an accelerated schedule, which enabled the contractor to gain competitive pricing and ultimately deliver this project ahead of schedule.


Corporate Office