John Lewis

Director of Multi-Family Housing Studio

With 21 years of experience, John knows architecture. He worked his way up by learning the design environment and examining how people live in environments. With study, John learned how to design space and comfort.

Having spent over two decades on the construction process, John has honed sharp instincts for projects and developed a keen sense of direction and purpose. Experience has taught him the need for continuous communication with clients and consultants alike to provide and coordinate service. John sees the overall experience of putting a building together as a unique motivation, a team-strengthening and bonding experience like no other. For him, the process of building goes beyond the physical structure; it is an experience to provide leadership, an opportunity to guide clients and deliver what they require and desire.

John’s concept of success is defined and determined by client satisfaction. For John, real success is ensuring that clients receive the quality of work they deserve. Conversely, if a project does not meet a client’s expectations, then the client has not been served properly. As the Multi-Family Studio Director, John provides quality leadership to a talented team, recognizing that a good team is symbiotic and harmonious. He leads with a focus on the firm’s dedication to Architecture for Outcomes. Driven by his passion for the creative process, John is invested and interested in following an idea from sketch to building. He likes watching projects go from paper to a physical, inhabited space that people use and enjoy. Seeing clients enjoy his spaces is his greatest reward, knowing that he makes a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of his clients.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture,
The Ohio State University

Associates in Applied Sciences, Architectural Engineering
Alfred State SUNY College of Technology

Memberships & Affiliations:

LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)


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