Jeremy Hull

Director of Planning Studio

Often, clients are so excited about the specific design elements of their structures that they initially overlook the key piece of planning to bring their whole development to life. That’s where Jeremy Hull, Director of Wakefield Beasley’s Planning Studio, comes in.

Jeremy loves being in a position to influence the built environment. To him, each project is more than just designing structures; it’s crafting a unique sense of place for his clients created by the way the buildings and spaces interact with each other. He thrives on working on a diverse set of projects simultaneously with the same essential end goal: to create exciting built environments that draw people in to spend their time.

Jeremy’s planning portfolio does not include one-size-fits-all solutions. Throughout the design process, he remains open minded to alternatives and solutions that can improve the end experience for clients and their guests. For The Battery Atlanta at Suntrust Park project, Jeremy is working closely with multiple development and design partners to oversee the master plan for a unique mixed-use retail environment at the new Atlanta Braves stadium. The resulting plan must appeal to sports enthusiasts and their families and draw them in to the new community experience.

His LakePoint project north of Atlanta provided another unique opportunity to combine the studio’s place making concepts with the world of travel sports – for end users who typically spend all day in one location and need it to meet a variety of basic requirements outside of athletics.

Creative problem solving is one of the highest priorities for Jeremy, and he has studied hundreds of mixed-use developments across the country to evaluate different concepts and trends to create the best environment for residents and visitors. His passion is ignited to see a project through from early design to completion, which has a strong focus on the implementation of good design in construction.

Wakefield Beasley’s Planning Studio provides a full range of professional land planning services, including mixed-use, urban infill, residential and community planning. Under Jeremy’s leadership, the studio’s diverse group of designers and planners help clients overcome the common problem of evaluating their current land and space resources and articulating their vision for the entire development. Their goal is to always provide the client with a thorough, creative design solution that is tailor-made to the organization’s needs and goals. Working with the talented team of designers at Wakefield Beasley, Jeremy ensures that planning is never omitted from the process, and that clients love their overall developments.


Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
University of Georgia

Memberships & Affiliations:

LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP)


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