Ina Bachmann

Director of Higher Education Studio

Ina Bachmann has a natural aptitude for design. As a child, she found herself drawing plans of her family home, reconfiguring spaces and encouraging her mother to move furniture to more desirable locations. She gravitated towards visual arts and music, later joining both the marching and symphonic bands as a percussionist. Architecture, Ina discovered, combined her love for both art and science and she went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ina knows the quality of a good architect is to pay attention to details. She listens closely to what her clients tell her about their businesses, their goals and their plans for their final space. Ina always wants her clients to feel like they have been heard, especially during the critical programming and schematic design phases. By listening, Ina understands project goals from the beginning and is able to track them, and deliver them, when the project is complete.

Her strong listening skills have led her to deliver some remarkable projects for clients across the country. As the production coordinator for the World of Coca-Cola’s architect of record, Ina helped coordinate all of the consultants on the high-profile project and deliver the building on time. For the Fort Benning WHINSEC Campus Renovation, Ina was part of the team that took an old hospital campus and turned it into a professional training and education center serving as the western hemisphere security headquarters. And at Georgia Gwinnett College, Ina helped deliver the beautiful and efficient C3 building that is now an iconic component of the campus. Ina has worked on campuses throughout the Southeast, including Emory University, Georgia State, University of West Georgia, University of South Carolina and Liberty University.

As the Director of the Higher Education Studio at Wakefield Beasley and Associates, Ina leads her team of designers to develop spaces that are conducive to learning. Her spaces flow well and support educators’ various teaching styles. Along with her colleagues, Ina has a strong work ethic and a passion for getting the work done right and maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the process.


Master of Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology

Memberships & Affiliations:

Registered Architect - Georgia


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