How to Upgrade your Revit Application Macros to a New Release

Posted on March 29, 2023

If you are actively creating Revit Application Macros, you’ll love this tip.  There is no reason to manually recreate your macro library by exporting and importing the class files or using copy paste with two different versions of Revit open.  The steps I take to update the library of macros from one Revit release to […]

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ArchiTech: SuperCharge your worksharing setup for new projects in Revit

Posted on February 25, 2023

Public domain image Credit: By CZmarlin — Christopher Ziemnowicz As part of new project rollouts, it is always a best practice to setup the worksharing according to project workflow and project type.  If you have developed some internal standards with regard to worksharing and setting up worksets within Revit then you will find this […]

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ArchiTech: Google's Tango

Posted on February 11, 2023

Google’s Project Tango digitizes spatial awareness in real time on a mobile platform.  I think Project Tango is THE democratizer for 3D scanning.  Anyone with a suitable hand-held device, like a google phone, will be able to capture their surroundings and generate a rich, accurate, digital environment in realtime with visual feedback. Capturing the visual […]

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Bluebeam PDF Tips and Tricks

Posted on November 10, 2022

A couple of questions came up this week regarding our recent deployment of Bluebeam PDF software.  I thought I’d share the solutions. How do I reverse the page order of an existing Multipage PDF Document. The first question was regarding reversing page order of existing multi-page pdf documents.  Although bluebeam pdf has an option toggle […]

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ArchiTECH Session: How To Disassociate an AutoCAD file from a SheetSet

Posted on October 8, 2022

SheetSets can increase your productivity by allowing you to centralize the often tedious task of managing project files.  Sometimes, a designer is unable to add all the layouts or drawings to a new sheetset.  When this happens, it is most likely that the drawing has already been associated with a different sheetset.  Although you can […]

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ArchiTECH: Use Dynamo to Populate Room Location as Equipment Sets

Posted on September 30, 2022

Recently, I stumbled upon Colin Doyles post on BIM 360 Field – Utilize Rooms/Spaces from Revit.  Since I was setting up a new Field project, I thought it would be a good opportunity to automate the workflow where possible.  Since I had already blogged about the creation of a Dynamo graph to place a 3D […]

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Use Dynamo to Place Families inside Rooms

Posted on September 17, 2022

On a recent project I needed to place a family in the center of each room in the project.  With hundreds of rooms in the project, I did not look forward to placing all of them individually.  I knew that Case had a 3D Room Tag tool that would place a generic model 3D Room […]

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ArchiTECH Tuesday: Working with Spaces in AutoCAD Architecture

Posted on September 9, 2022

AutoCAD Architecture Spaces can be either Associative or Non-Associative.  Associative spaces are generated from space bounding elements like walls or lines with special properties.  When the boundary objects change, the space updates accordingly.  You can also create non-associative spaces with user-defined geometry in predefined sized rectangle shapes or polygon shapes.  A common workflow in use is […]

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ArchiTECH Tuesday: Does your Revit follow a BIM workflow or a lazy drafting workflow?

Posted on August 25, 2022

Revit’s keynote system is a great way to standardize text notes and annotations.  It enables a one-source authority for large projects and can keep a team coordinated.  But if we remember our drafting habits and introduce unconnected symbols into our workflow to speed up the “drafting”, then we defeat our BIM objectives. If you are […]

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ArchiTECH Tuesday: AutoCAD Layout & Viewport Tips

Posted on August 18, 2022

Tip #1 - Model Space / PaperSpace tabs – if you’ve been using AutoCAD for any length of time, you know that when you are familiar with a command routine or a project file the quickest way to navigate and issue commands is often via shortkeys and function keys.  Even though we have really cool […]

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