St. Augustine, Florida

Originally developed in 1937 as the world’s first oceanarium, Marineland is included on the National Register of Historic Places. When the client sought to redevelop the facility as a research and resort destination, Marineland hired Wakefield Beasley for its entertainment design capabilities and sensitivity to the enhancement of historic structures. The firm worked closely with Marineland to learn about the behavioral needs of the dolphins as well as the research needs of its organization to develop an interactive dolphin facility with marine life care center in the form of a 1.3 million gallon salt water pool along the oceanfront. Wakefield Beasley crafted a design solution with all end-users in mind to provide a healthy environment for the animals, an efficient research facility for scientists, a productive space for trainers and an interactive “edutainment” destination for all guests. To meet these needs, the new dolphin facility features two “Nautical Moderne” buildings with below-grade underwater viewing areas. Now, Marineland and goes beyond the past format of passive viewing to provide a unique and wondrous interactive experience for all visitors and animal lovers.