LegoLand Discovery Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Envisioned by Merlin Entertainments Group as a dynamic family entertainment space that would bring the Lego brand to life with displays, rides, 4D films and hands-on play areas, the Legoland Discovery Centre provides a child-friendly respite in the upscale Phipps Plaza. As part of comprehensive team, Wakefield Beasley developed a design solution to reflect the endless possibilities of the Lego toy brand in a 32,000-square-foot space with a durable level of finishes to withstand high volumes of daily visitors. While working in an operational shopping mall can be challenging, the firm’s designers immersed themselves in the design and coordinated closely with the design firms to provide a seamless concept reflective of the London-based client’s grand visions for the brand center. As construction progressed, Wakefield Beasley adapted the design to respond to daily challenges, including coordinating work simultaneously with firms in New York City and London. Today, thousands of families visit the Legoland Discovery Centre each year, dazzled by the Lego-centric space that provides guests with a unique shopping and entertainment space befitting of the iconic brand.