Georgia Zoo and Safari Park

Madison, Georgia

An expert curator of guest experiences through the design of dynamic mixed-use and entertainment spaces, Wakefield Beasley is developing a creative master plan and architectural design solution for the new Georgia Zoo and Safari Park. On a 400-acre site, the new zoo and safari park will serve to educate, propagate, inspire and conserve by providing a unique, interactive destination for families through animal exhibits, botanical gardens and a safari. Wakefield Beasley tackled the project by partnering with a firm experienced in the design of suitable spaces for the care and management of animals. The team prioritized safety and guest experiences to finalize a design approach that meets the zoo’s animal welfare mission but fits the needs of families, the ultimate end-users. While the design process is ongoing, the team is buoyed by the positive feedback and national buzz the project generates on a daily basis. When complete, future generations will have the opportunity to make connections with the natural world, its animals and their environments through the Zoo and Safari Park that Wakefield Beasley is bringing to life.