Bluebeam PDF Tips and Tricks

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Date: November 10, 2015

A couple of questions came up this week regarding our recent deployment of Bluebeam PDF software.  I thought I’d share the solutions.

How do I reverse the page order of an existing Multipage PDF Document.

The first question was regarding reversing page order of existing multi-page pdf documents.  Although bluebeam pdf has an option toggle to reverse the pages when printing, it doesn’t have an option to reverse the page order when editing a pdf. I suggested the following:

Since printing in Revu is controlled from the Print dialog, we might use an alternate free pdf print driver to reprint the pdf using the built in “Reverse” pages feature:

  1. Open the print  dialog
  2. Select an alternate pdf print driver (example shows PDFCreator):
  3. Click “Reverse” under the Page Range frame.


4. Verify the remainder of settings and print.
5.Collect your newly reordered pdf file.

Collect your new reordered pdf file from C:Plots

How do I Enable the Display of Document Tabs?

Like most windows programs, every file that is opened in Bluebeam Revu can display a document tab at the top containing the name of the file and a handy close button.  Document Tabs should be visible by default for every pdf that is opened  inside Bluebeam Revu.  If the document tabs keep disappearing, or if they don’t display for you, use the following instructions to enable the display of the Tabs:

  1. Go to View > Interface on the Command Bar in Revu.
  2. You’ll notice that Auto-Hide Tabs has a check mark to the left of it.
  3. Click the check mark to disable  the function.

The result should look like the image below.


I hope that helps.


By: Richard Binning, Director of BIM Technology; Check out his blog: Beside the Cursor;